Top HP Printer Issues And The Solutions

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Top HP Printer Issues And The Solutions

HP Printer is that printer which is used by people all over the world for printing and scanning. If you too are facing the issue while using the HP Printer, then you need to make sure that you call HP Printer Customer Care Number. This number stays available at all 24 hours to help the customers; you can reach to the trained professionals who can fix the issue easily.

Some of The Top HP Printer Issues with Solutions

You can read the below-mentioned blog to find some of the top HP Printer issues that users have to face while using this printer:

1. Low Toner Error

Even after replacing the toner just now, if you are getting the low toner error in your screen, then you don’t need to worry. You can fix this issue by

  • turning on the printer first and then removing all the power cables.
  • After 30 seconds, connect the cables and then turn on the printer.


2. HP Printer is running Slow

If your printer is running slow like a snail, then you have to fix it.

  • Restart your computer and printer.
  • Check the internet connectivity.
  • Even update the printer driver and Windows of your printer and system, respectively.


3. Paper Jam Issue

If the HP Printer is showing the error of paper jam, then it can because of various reasons like paper is not loaded correctly or roller is damaged, the paper tray is loaded with a greater number of paper than its capacity etc.


  • Try to remove the paper that is stuck in the printer by removing the toner and drum.
  • Then restart the computer and printer to fix the issue.


4. If the print job is sent to the wrong printer

If by mistake, your computer sends the print job command to the wrong printer then:


  • Go to Control Panel> Hardware and Sound> Devices and Printer.
  • Now check the name of your printer and then right-click on it to make it your default Printer.


There other errors too which users can face while using these printers but you can easily solve them by reaching out to experts by calling HP Printer Customer Service Number that stays accessible at all hour. You can rely on them for fixing the error of HP printer.