How to Setup and Configure a New HP Printer

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How to Setup and Configure a New HP Printer

Did you buy a brand-new HP Printer? If yes, you will be thinking about setting up this printer with your system? Setting up and configuring printer is not a difficult job as you can do it on your own. You will need a printer driver that will act as the medium of communication between your computer and printer. There is some system which has in-built printer driver, and there are some which do not have. If you have a Mac or Windows system and you want to connect your HP Printer with them, then you may have to download the printer driver software from the official website of HP. You must know that different operating systems and different printers use different printer drivers. This blog will give you an overview of the steps involved in installing and configuring an HP Printer driver. For a more detailed step-by-step guide to installing HP Printer drivers, you can reach out to the HP Printer Customer service number and speak with technicians for additional support.

Step to Install an HP Printer Driver

For downloading the correct HP printer driver, you must know the correct model of the printer you are using. Once you know the correct printer model, you can follow the steps given below to install its respected driver:

  • You have to select the Apple or Windows icon on the main screen and navigate to the system preferences or the Settings, respectively.
  • Then select the 'Print and Scan' or 'Devices > Printer & Scanner' option respectively and then open the list of devices.
  • You have to go through the list of printers and search the name of your HP Printer
  • If your printer's name appears on the screen, click on the small minus sign that is beside it and delete the existing driver which is there.
  • Once you have deleted the HP printer, you need to click on the plus sign
  • And then select the option of 'Add Printer or Scanner' after that click on the name of your HP Printer
  • You have to go to the next page, and there click on the option of 'Print using' and select your HP printer model.
  • Click on the option of 'Download and Install' to get the appropriate printer driver on your system.
  • When your HP printer driver's installation is complete, you have to close the window and reboot your system.

When your computer turns on, you can command your HP printer to print a test document to ensure that your printer driver is installed correctly. If you see any errors or if you cannot complete the installation steps correctly. Then you can call the HP Printer Support Number and reach out to experts for proper guidance so that you can finish setting up your printer.