How To Fix HP Printer Alignment Failed Problem

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How To Fix HP Printer Alignment Failed Problem

You have bought a new HP printer and are preparing to set-up it with your system. Ready to put some blank pages on your printer to print neat-looking documents or awesome photos. When you start printing, an error suddenly appears on your screen, i.e. ‘HP Printer Alignment Failed’, what to do?

The question may keep you annoyed and worried after seeing this particular error message. Don’t worry because some troubleshooting steps are given below to fix this alignment error.  There can be several reasons behind this alignment error in the HP printer. To remove such issues immediately, you must call HP Printer Customer Service Number, and a technical executive will handle this issue very well and provide you with instant solutions to eradicate it.

What Is The Meaning of ‘Alignment Failed’ In HP Printer?

In short, alignment failure can’t receive ink from the cartridges. There can be countless reasons ranging from software to hardware malfunctions. In this blog, you will be reading about the preventive measures to remove this nasty error. Let’s go through all these troubleshooting steps one by one.

What Are The Tips and Tricks To Remove ‘Alignment Failed’ Error in HP Printer?

  1. Restart The Printer

It never needs to reset the printer with strict procedures in a few instances because it can be appropriately aligned simply through restarting it. The process of resuming the printer is easy. Switch-off the printer for at least 10 minutes and then again switch on it if you are not familiar with rebooting steps.

You will be listening to a whirring sound when you reboot your printer, and it will align the cartridges and ink properly with the printer. If the problem still pops-up back on your screen, you have to move to the next troubleshooting step to resolve it.

  1. Remove Plastic Tape From Ink Cartridges

First, you look for the HP instructions manual to know how to use an HP printer, but you have forgotten to remove the ink cartridges wrapped in plastic tape covering the ink-feeding spot.

Follow quick check by switching-off the printer and taking out the cartridges and also see for plastic tape covering it. Keep the ink-toner holes always open because there will be any debris entered inside it and stuck there to block the ink. Re-insert the cartridges again and then retry printing jobs.

  1. Insert Ink Cartridges Appropriately

If ink cartridges are not inserted accurately, you won’t get a good print. Cartridges need to be pushed to insert it manually, and if it is not done, don’t hope that cartridges will move inside the printer automatically. Check the instructions manual to insert cartridges

  • Switch-off the printer and be sure cartridges are set-up in order.
  • Then, switch–on it again.
  • Try to push the cartridges in the circular direction if the printer is kept facing towards the rough side.

You have tried your best to remove ‘Alignment Failure’ in the HP printer, but you are still frustrated because solutions didn’t provide you enough support to remove this error. HP Printer Alignment Failed Problem can now be eliminated through HP customer support because a technical consultant will guide you to follow some significant steps to disable this error instantly.

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