How to Fix Canon Printer Paper Jam Error

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How to Fix Canon Printer Paper Jam Error

Technology makes our life easier, but sometimes it plays a prank on us. While working with the printers, the paper gets stuck in different compartments, and you don't need to worry as you can fix this problem by just following the given steps. In this blog, let's have insight into how to fix Canon printers paper jam errors as the methods remain the same for all the printers with little difference.

Method 1:- locate and remove the paper stuck in the loading tray 

  • Remove all the loose paper from the loading tray. 
  • Now start the printer again.
  • Remove the paper sheets one by one, starting from the middle of the printer. 
  • Check carefully that no bit of paper left inside the printer 

Method 2:-Cleaning the printer from the rear side/ two side of the printer.

  • You can fix the Canon printer paper jam error from the rear side method as some other printers give the two side accessibility so, carefully check your printer.


Method 3:-Rear side cleaning steps 

  • Remove the rear panel and get access to the posterior components of the printer 
  • Remove the panels of the printer carefully and remove the jammed paper. Now ensure that no paper bit is left in the printer 
  • Replace the panel and secure it. 


Method 4:-Two side cleaning steps

  • Remove the modules of the printer and hit the button on both sides. 
  • Now take out the jammed paper from the printer. 
  • Secure the modules back to their places 
  • Now open the front door and remove the paper from there.
  • Check that no bit of paper is left behind 


Method 5:-Cleaning the printer from the front side 

If everything is working correctly, then you can skip this step. It is noted above that "if your printer works", then do not try this because this can cause mechanical problems in the printer, or the printer can crash. If all the above steps are failed, you can attempt to pull the jammed paper out from under the printer's front side. In case you possess a laser printer, then you have to remove the toner cartridge before you get full access to paper 


Ensure that the printer carriage can move freely 

  • Disconnect the printer from the power by unplugging the power chord of the printer
  • Obser the carriage to see if it moves entirely to the right side of the printer and out of sight. It is advisable to not force the carriage to move if it's stuck, as this may damage your printer
  • Carefully remove the ink Cartridge(s)
  • Without removing the drawer, remove any paper in the loading tray
  • Remove the two-sided printing accessory (module) or rear access door
  • With your fingers, rotate the rollers toward the top of the printer for three complete rotations. Replace the two-sided printing accessory (module) or rear access door
  • Replace the ink cartridges
  • Now turn on your printer


Suppose your printer gets jammed again after doing these steps. In that case, you can freely contact the canon printer helpline number because the printer might have a mechanical problem or reach us by email and chat on the official website of canon printer.