How to Fix Canon Printer Error E202-002

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How to Fix Canon Printer Error E202-002

Canon Printer is popular for its high-class printing. Like other system, canon printers are prone to problems. One such problem, the troubled users of Canon printers is called Canon Printer Error E202-002. In this blog, you will discuss the probable reasons for Canon Printer Error 202. Few methods are available to know about how to Fix Canon Printer Error E202-002 after connecting with the customer support of the Canon printer.

What Are the Reasons for Canon Printer E202 Error?

Almost every canon printer may display this error. The Canon problem doesn’t allow scanning, printing, and copying features of their Canon malfunction device. The reason behind this problem can differ based on the printing model but one common defect that causes this problem is the incorrect functioning of the scanner. It is noticed normally when the scanner can’t go back to its starting position that is present on the glass flatbed displaying Canon error E202-002. It occurs when either the CCD scanner unit is default or the cable that connects the CCD unit all-in-one has some defect. Troubleshoot this problem is to replace your CCD unit or its cable with a new one.

What Are the Troubleshooting Procedures Problems in Canon Printer?

Canon printer is followed by for all canon models. The outer design may be different but all canon scanner has same designs.

  • Access the top screws on the top of your scanner.
  • Then, access screws on the scanner downside
  • Now, unlatch the plastic panel slowly that holds the scanner glass top. Use a blunt plastic strip for assistance.
  • When the plastic panel is deleted, scanner glass will be free of removal. Delete it.
  • It will expose the CCD unit which is located on a metal rail connected to a ribbon and a rubber strip. The rubber strip is operated on two rollers and one of the rollers have a spring connected to it.
  • Go to the CCD Unit to the middle and delete the rubber strip from the roller wheel that doesn’t have a spring connected.
  • Now take out the rubber strip from the other roller and gently remove the ribbon from the CCD unit
  • Next, gently remove the rubber strip from the CCD unit
  • Now your old CCD unit is free to be deleted from your printer. Take the new CCD unit and go through the methods that are listed below.
  • Remove the CCD unit and normally connect the rubber strip and ribbon. Then, locate the CCD unit on the metal rail.
  • Next, locate the rubber strip around the roller with spring and then stretch it to locate on the roller.
  • When the new CCD unit is accurately located, confirm that the CCD unit is moving freely over the metal rail without any restriction. An accurately attached CCD unit must look like it.
  • Keep the scanner glass to cover the CCD unit. Ensure that scanner glass is located on the slots made for it and is not operating.
  • Reconnect the plastic panel to catch the scanner glass. Then, tighten the screws on the top and downside
  • Now start your printer to scan, copy and print.

After going through the above troubleshooting methods, you must call the Canon Printer Phone Number to fix it immediately.